Chicken Paleo is a paleo meal that contains healthy ingredients with chicken as the main ingredient. Chickens used are free-roaming and ate only grass, seeds, fruits, insects and other natural goodies.

The paleo diet is inspired by our hunter-gatherer ancestors whose foods were all natural. Vegetables used did not include legumes. It does not contain processed oils, refined sugar, processed or artificial salts or dairy products.

Most of the chickens sold in the groceries were raised commercially are not really healthy. They are usually fed with hormonal and chemically induced feed to make the chicken bigger quickly. These are the chickens that most people eating today. That unfortunately makes regular in store chickens unhealthy for eating. Far from what your body really needs.

Chickens used in paleo diet are raised without these chemicals or hormones to speed up its growth. Raised ethically, which means – they fed only on grass, seeds, fruits and nuts in their natural form and environment.

Such chickens are more tasty, juicier and generally better than non-paleo chicken.

I will share with you some chicken paleo recipes for everyday eating and fit for a king.

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Quick and Creamy Chicken Stew


This paleo chicken stew is made creamier using some coconut milk.Ingredients: 1 roasting chicken that about 4 lbs 2 chopped onions ½ cup paleo fat or clarified butter ¼ cup of coconut flour or almond meal, or any paleo four. Read more ›


Grilled Chicken Paleo Style


Ingredients: Spices and herbs to flavor the chicken Thyme Garlic Black pepper Ginger Paprika 1 chicken (whole) Olive oil or mustard ( this will help the spices and herb to stick to the chicken) Procedure: Remove all the visible fat Read more ›


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